A city trip with Tattoo Anansi.








It’s been a long time since our visit to Vienna in September 2019. We had written an article about it and shared how nice our trip was there. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic and stress this year travel has been limited and with it our travel accounts. But things are changing. The first steps are evidence of recurring life. We are also able to sting tattoos again at “Tattoo Anansi”. Great motifs, summertime and outdoor chilling: what more could you want? All of that, and additionally a short trip to Augsburg. It used to be a creed to take the opposite direction. Being from Augsburg, Bert Brecht considered this trip to the be the only realistic possibility at the time. His favorite thing about the city was the train to Munich. Today there is a wonderful museum in his birthplace, which is worth visiting. The Bert Brecht Museum is one of many good museums. So, off to Augsburg now.


In general, signs of the times have changed. Augsburg is an insider’s tip for all those who want to relax from the big city of Munich or from any other metropolitan cities.

Augsburg has evolved. The old town, in particular, has a lot to offer. The “Colonial” is a shop that has many beautiful products, books, food, kitchen instruments and more. There “shopping” is fun. There is a lot of inspiration. Also for new tattoos?

Everywhere in the old town, which is just below the shopping mile, there are countless shops. Small but extremely fine. But there are also pearls just outside of the old town. For example, the “Vinyl-Cafe”, in the direction of Göggingen. Since, collecting records has not lost the magic over the years, in the vinyl cafe, you can browse the shelves and enjoy a hot coffee. Alternatively, you can also visit the “Cover” in the old town. A tiny record store, just like from the picture book. A jewel for the busy collector. In addition, you can then refresh your studious mind in the nearby city streams. Or you can go to the “Drunken Monkey”, the pub with the “red” rat”. Here there are many types of craft beer that can also be considered painkillers to try out; temporarily, at least. However, this location has yet to reopen its doors.

Until then, quickly to the recreational area. The Kuhsee offers beaches, holiday feelings, also, for those who want to stay longer, an excellent sunset. If the weather cooperates.


In the many places that are free from the winding streets, you can relax, drink a cafe, and flirt if necessary. A little willingness to show off never hurts, and new tattoos should be made visible. It can besexy, and good talking material. The conversation could then be continued in one of the small nice hotels: Tinder in the City.

The many rivers in Augsburg are a highlight. There are more bridges in Augsburg than in Venice. The Fuggers planned the rivers, as an energy source, for their trade production. Nowadays, the constant rush of water is a source of lustful atmosphere. Rivers bring romance. Built by the Fuggers for the “..”. Woe to him who thinks wrong!

The Fuggers make you excited and create a desire to visit the first social settlement. How to combine work with suitable life for the workers. An exciting topic as well as top of the line. In addition to the Augsburg Puppenkiste, which is an absolutely unique classic Augsburg city experience.


At the end of the day “alternatively” and to end the day, the “Provino Club” is a good place to go. Concerts take place in the in-house bowling alley, and in the beautiful beer garden (called “WIR-Garten”) you can really relax. The perfect cozy atmosphere is often created with a campfire. This helps us briefly forget the stress of the past few months and gives hope for what it could be again. Free, and carefree. And how can you best use the time until then? The perfect tattoo.

  • “Colonial” Delicatessen & Book: Mittlerer Lech 2
  • “Vinyl Cafe”: Gögginger Str. 153
  • “Cover”: Barfüßer Str. 10
  • “Drunken Monkey”: Auf dem Rain 5
  • “Provino Club”: Provinostr. 35