Today, October 19th, the AVANTGARDISTA kicks off in Munich. The event combines fashion, designand accessories, focusing on the theme of “fetish and alternative lifestyles”. Such as, for example, S/M,bondage, latex, lacquer and leather. This is also interesting for us tattoo lovers. Especially with “Tattoo Erotica”, a magazine for tattoos and eroticism, which directly represents the tattoo scene. We at Tattoo Anansi are very much looking forward to the three-day event. At the AVANTGARDISTA fashion show there will be many tattooed models. Maybe some people can come up with the idea about how he/she wants to tattoo themselves. We see again and again that the area of “more extreme lifestyles” gives rise to a lot of impulses for the tattoo culture; and that there is a lot of overlap.

Avantgardists 2018

One of the main commonalities is to feel the pain as a positive experience on/in the body. The pain that follows while being tattooed is a strong, intense sensation for the individual. This gives the motif an extraordinary value and appreciation.

Likewise, in the S/M world, pain is transformed into a positive experience. It is a much more intense body perception than the familiar one, which you will remember forever. With the tattoo, the result remains on the skin as a “reminder”.

It’s always a bit magical. So we are all a little “fetishist”: when we experience our world in a magical phantasmagoria, a theatre of attraction, when we are in love, when we see ourselves seduced or seduce ourselves. When we play with images and memories that possess a supernatural meaning in our lives.

AVANTGARDISTA 2018 offers many incentives to try out the opportunity. Or give impetus for a tattoo. At the event, more than 30 international designers, models and creators will present their creations and let themselves be observed while they work.

The “Space Intruders” party associated with the AVANTGARDISTA will takes place on Saturday evening. There we can present our outfits and tattoos and really go all out. Everyone has the right to develop freely. Be curious.

AVANTGARDISTA at Lilienthalallee 35, Munich from 10.19. (Friday evening) to 10.21. Sunday

For more information on the event, please visit: www.avantgardista.net