Tornado, cyclone, hurricane: life goes on (the Kinks)

Life is slowly starting again. At least the public one. The intensity of the opening after the lock down is fiercely disputed. We think we should be happy about the small successes: We, Tattoo Anansi, can resume our work in the studio. With the utmost care and hygiene. Tattoo You: the world goes on.

Finally we can welcome our customers again. Everyone has their own story to tell about the initial restrictions. Everyone has experienced this time differently, with fear perhaps, but also with self-knowledge? In any case, times are not easy. What has this global task of combating virus spread with an uncertain outcome done to us? Do we all need therapy? How much unconscious stress do we have todeal with now? Each of us was in different situations. Families who were crammed together in the tightest of spaces, what does that do to their relationship with their partner? The impending company bankruptcy, or the endangered job. How long can we deal with the uncertainty? Home office is one thing, but what about all those who have had to and must work in the supermarket and service industry? We learned to deal with extreme situations. Our weaknesses have come to light. We must learn to live with them.

With tattoos, you can process the experiences that got under your skin. Not only scars can be concealedwith tattoos. Tattoos can also be bandages for the wounds of the soul. They have MAGICAL HEALING POWER.

More and more tattoos are written to have psychological functions. For example, after the Love Parade disaster, in 2010, some have had the date tattooed in remembrance. A radical experience, but the most important thing: to have survived. That is, of course, an extreme case. But the fact is: with a tattoo, we can fix an event and take away its horror. Helping us remember our strength to have overcome this event. Tattoos can be the bandages of emotional wounds, a sign of healing and create a new life force.


Being able to use one’s own body as a canvas often gives many new strength and a new self-confidence– and rightly so. He alone is Lord (and Queen) over myself and my destiny. Therefore: Let us come outof this crisis stronger than before. Finally back into the world of images that makes me myself, and not b eating on me from the outside. This is true coping.

Insane in the membrane

In this context, the perspective of biology or brain research is also interesting: tattoos explicitly interfere with human serotonin levels for the better. In this way, tattoos can also relieve depression, trigger feelings of happiness, and provide psychological, perhaps PSYCHEDELIC, experience. This is how it works:

The brain is complicated. Depression, according to the latest research, cannot simply be explained by serotonin deficiency. The fact is, however, that the harmonic processes of neurotransmitters that regulate our experience can get out of balance. Traumatic events intensify the imbalance, shifting the usual patterns into the negative: lack of concentration, lack of self-worth, fatigue and much more are the result.

So how do I get back into balance? Pills alone are not a solution. A far better option: tattoos. Choosing a tattoo strengthens my self-esteem, it’s something I do for myself, something I can stand by for the long haul. It represents MY decision. But also the process of tattooing itself has a positive effect on me:tattooing is always a painfun experience. But a controlled one. I can process the experience consciously. I am not a victim of external impressions. During the tattoo process, serotonin and endorphins are set in motion, which are supposed to protect me from the pain on the one hand, and to “vitalize” me on the other. It is an evolutionary protection against feelings of stress and anxiety. Tattooing creates feelings of happiness and long-lasting emotions, such as pride and sublimity. What more can you want: These feelings make it possible to look positively into the future. Let’s do it.