Comic Style-the colorful trend

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The comic style sparkles with energy and joie de vivre. Presumably this is why so many can be tattooed on a motif or in this style. As the name suggests, the style has the look of comic books, a splendor of color coupled with a certain sense of humor in the foreground. Motifs for this look are particularly famous comic superheroes, legendary cartoon characters or even simple funny creations. Thanks to the large fan base of Marvel and DC superheroes and their stories, there are more and more tattoos that unite this community. Nintendo game lovers can also immortalize their favorite characters, as can be seen in the pictures. Our specialist for comics and colored tattoos, Ritchey ,has brought alive his customer’s favorite characters in his work. Thanks to his many years of experience, Ritchey knows how to match the characters look and its color combinations. On the leg you can see the little plumber Super Mario together with Yoshi. Sonic is also on the same leg along with Pikachu, and is competed with the disappearing battery to round off the gaming theme.
The tattoos of this style look lively, energetic and bring some color into the dreary everyday life with their playful style. So if you want to give your inner child space, you should consider getting a tattoo in
this direction. There are almost no limits to the possibilities of motifs in this style. It is only important that the desired motif is kept as simple as possible, so that it can shine with flat colors. The style is very striking, which is why you should be very sure with the selection. Due to its uniqueness, it is difficult to combine with other styles and is typically best to let this style stand by itself, but it can be combined with new school elements. True comic book fans will definitely not regret getting their favorite characters tattooed.