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The editorial staff of the Anansi Chronicles is totally independent – which makes us very proud. We can write about everything, we have no censorship and are largely incorruptible. Communication is ourstrength and behind it lies the idea of our new section.

In “Community” we introduce you to other Tattoo Studios. Their different styles and the people behind them. Simply because, many tattoo shops do not have the time and the necessary energy to do this themselves; because of the ever increasing popularity of our culture, they always have a tattoo gun in hand.

Info: If you have a studio and would like to introduce yourself- please write us a short email:

Becker for life

Visiting the Tattoo Shop “Bunt fürs Leben” in Salzburg

For introducing our first shop, we go to our favorite neighbors – the Austrians.

We are guests at “Bunt fürs Leben” at Neutorstraße 28 in the center of Salzburg. We sit relaxed under an awning in front of the shop with Boldi, the owner, and chat comfortably about his shop and enjoy the sun.

Boldi tells us, how long have you been tattooing?

Boldi: It’s been 16 years now. I have now owned the shop for 8 years. We are four people and always have a good time here in the studio.

It’s like a living room for us. This is actually quite good, because we also have many guest appearances of different artists here in the shop.

And what is your specialty, or rather your style?

Boldi: Many say I’m a comic book specialist, which is certainly true. However, I also like to do Asian or Celtic tattoos. But I have to say, actually I have all sorts of different styles. That’s just because I started in a street shop back then. We had a lot of walk-ins, which was definitely educational.

But I think we can master every style. Just like “Dark Work” etc.

What about piercings?

We do not offer that. We are completely committed to tattooing. One of my colleagues does do “hand-poking”. Where you press the paint into the skin by hand, what is the old traditional European way.

How long is the wait to get an appointment with you?

Of course, we always have a lot to do. But we are a young dynamic team and try to keep the waiting times as short as possible.

A maximum of 2 months, but that would be an extraordinary long wait time with us. However, the customer trend is generally increasing.

We are already sitting inside and make ourselves comfortable in the shop on cinema seats when Hannes, the loyal customer of the shop, comes through the door. He is a close friend of Boldi and checks in every week to see if everything is OK. Tattooed from head to toe, he talks about the actor Ben Becker, who is a good buddy of his and has also recently been tattooed again in “Bunt fürs Leben”.

With Ben you always have a good time, smiles Hannes.

With a heavy hearts we say goodbye to the “Bunt für Leben” and set off for a short tour of the city center. In the Kaigasse we actually meet the actor Ben Becker.

Easily sitting, but with immense style, he meet us. Shortly afterwards we meet him again in a bar. However, we don’t know Ben as well as Hannes and prefer to stay away from the hard bone. We enjoy the old town and its Austrian charm. Boldis Tattoo Shop and Salzburg are definitely worth a visit.