Viewing habits change. Nothing has changed perceptions of the world more than the all-encompassing digitalization, which has been drawing larger circles for years. It goes without saying that this influenceis also noticeable in tattooing.

Each youth culture has its own unique codes and symbols. For the hippies “Love and Peace” with flowers in their hair. Then came the mandalas, India etc… The punks, on the other hand, didn’t like it atall. Not hard enough. They cut straight into their skin. And pierced themselves with safety pins. Then came the waver, the poppers, the hard rockers… endless new fashions. This also applies to tattoo motifsthat absorb and transform the signs of the times. Today, digitalization is in everyone’s face. The Internetand social networks determine social life. Digitalization sets the trends for the future. In terms of tattoos, the possibilities of digital image editing are taken up and thus new styles for tattoo motifs are generated. These can be 8-bit pixel graphics that adorn the skin. To commemorate the beginnings of thecomputer age. However, other forms will also be taken up here – as we will see below.

Glitch Tattoo by Louis.Loveless
Source: https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/59zvxq/glitch-tattoo-artist-louis-loveless


In terms of digitization, a very special style has developed, the glitch tattoo style.

With GLITCH, traditional patterns and images are digitally alienated in such a way that a very unique visual language, a unique tattoo, is created. First an image idea, then digitally processed then tattooed. The trick is: typical digital errors which occur on images during the processing on the computer, are picked up and included in the motif. Such mistakes in images processing are now deliberately amplified and pushed to the extreme. Only then does the actual tattoo follow.

The GLITCH style can be achieved through incorrect image storage, photoshop level errors, pixelation,etc. This style is very popular on the internet. You are guaranteed to attract attention. For the general public there are now GLITCH apps, (GLITCHEE) is one of them, with which you can quickly and easily dive your picture this look.

As always, tattooists are interested in all trends in design. And thus GLITCH has made a name for itselfas a tattoo aesthetic.

Which is it getting bigger and bigger?

ATTENTION: For these special “faulty” tattoos you need an experienced specialist, who also has a very creative streak… (and wants to get involved in such an experiment with the customer.)

POSITIVE: This makes the tattoos even more individual. GLITCH tattoos also reflect imperfection, turmoil in the world, or ambiguity. What is real, what is it not? They are a symbol of the fact that in ourseemingly perfect and digital world, not everything is in harmony. We tried once to see what already completed tattoos could look like if you digitally edited them, alienated them and deliberately incorporated visual errors. Here is the result:

Text: Julian Bachmann