The decision to get a tattoo is a very personal matter, as it stays for a lifetime. Most of the time, anyway. Again and again tattoos of the unsightly kind occur in a drunken state. Excited tourists in Mallorca can sing a song about it. The tattoo is only discovered the next day and then has to be removed at great expense. Many “Chris”, “Eva” and kissy lips have only a short lifespan.

A reputable tattoo studio starts a dialogue with its client on an equal footing. The tattoo artist discusses with his client in detail the motivation behind the desired tattoo. There can be purely aesthetic reasons for a tattoo, but also “symbolic” ones. As something that serves your self-expression, that can give strength or even provide healing: as a symbol of one’s own inner strength.

Motifs from the mythological area are popular. Old gods, mythical signs or mythical animals. They have a special connection to life and its primal forces. They enrich its owner as a motif on the skin withtheir symbolism and transfer the mythological power to their wearer.

Reason enough at this point to introduce and evaluate some of the protagonists of mythology.


Could be a good choice as a motive. After all, this God is very powerful. By title, the most powerful of all gods. With his lightning bolts, which he uses as a weapon against all his enemies, he seems almost invincible. A giant. A powerhouse. Especially since he did not shy away from judging his own father in battle. In the battle of the gods against the titans, Zeus defeated his father Kronos, and has ruled heavenand earth in Olympus ever since. People are a vexing subject for him, he endures them reluctantly(in the beginning he even wanted to eliminate them completely). But he now tolerates them as inhabitants of the earth, after all they have such powerful advocates such as Prometheus.

Gradually, Zeus also discovers the virtues of human beings, especially the “human” world of women. With them you can roll around with and play. #adultery

Everything, of course, behind the back of Zeus’ wife Hera. So Zeus is after the ideals of beauty, in which he always falls passionately in love and reproduces. Many young ladies can sing songs about it. #metoo


His sly behavior might speak against choosing Zeus as the motive for a tattoo. Nevertheless, his immense power and strength speak for him as the motive of choice. In his favor, it must also be said that Zeus always acts with the best of intentions; he feels only “too human”. After all, he is considered to be the instigator of many positive events. That is how he set Europe on its way. The beautiful Phoenician princess named Europe was initially seduced by his transformation into a strong white bull; Europe loved beautiful animals. On his back he finally kidnapped “Europe” to Crete. Eventually, his game was up. Zeus had to remove his disguise and repented. Nevertheless, he was able to regain the favor of the princess. In gratitude, Zeus called this part of the world “Europe”. #europeanunion

Thus Zeus gets the grade THREE as a tattoo motif, “satisfactory”, with tendency upwards.

His character is simply too fickle and unbalanced for a better rating. But for those who also find themselves at the mercy of such a libido, and yet have the ability to assert themselves on the executive floor, Zeus may be the appropriate motive.

For fans of: Mick Jagger, Axl Rose and Guns’n Roses, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ZZ Top, Harry Weinstein, Dennis Rodman