Today’s episode “From Gods, Man and Fabulous Animal” is about whether the hare is a suitable motif for a tattoo. And first of all: the hare has a completely different fighting nature, as was the case with thepreviously discussed, Apollo and Zeus.

At first glance, the hare may be of a soft, gentle and cuddly by nature. Not one who can deal with the blind tantrums of Zeus, or the cruel narcissistic violence of Achilles. But far from it, the hare is clever, if not more savvy than all his colleagues from Kraftmeier-Allee.#fluffy

On the one hand, he “fights” with total devotion. In Asian mythology, he is revered as a ” the hare in themoon.” Why? Unlike the fox and monkey, the hare could not offer food and gifts to her guest. There was an argument between the animals. The rabbit eventually resolved this conflict by jumping into the fire and offering himself dinner. This willingness to sacrifice can probably be described as “limitless”. But also is very powerful; for the hare thus created a fait accompli. Anything goes. The smoke from this fire then rose up to the moon, and gathered there in the form of the hare: the hare in the moon. His willingness to sacrifice was immortalized in heaven.

Speaking of the borders: Overcoming borders is probably the clearest characteristic of the hare. Therefore, the hare can be recommended as a tattoo motif: for all those who want to deal with their limits, the physical, spatial and spiritual ones. For adventurers and seekers of meaning, Master Lamp is the perfect motif. Tattooed on one’s own body, as a motive to overcome and transcend. #borderline

There is no limit to the hare’s ability to appear in different time zones (Alice in Wonderland) to transform (to be pulled out of the magic hat again as a hare again), and to appear as a hybrid (Wolpertinger).

Only the one who knows how the hare runs has the true power. The hare stands for the ability to penetrate into the unconscious, to reach hidden desires. That makes it mysterious. The ability to move one’s realm in the earth’s interior, to use all the underground passages, and to reappear at various exits, makes his adversaries foolish and helpless. But if you follow your hare, you will experience true miracles. The San Francisco Jefferson Airplane troop can sing a song about it (“white rabbit”); and poorDonnie Darko even more. The Mangas in Japan often refers to the hare when it comes to unfathomable forces. Film tip: “Sailor Moon”, in which the girl Usagi Tsukio, called Bunny, defeats evil by her powerto love and forgive alone. #woodstock

Overall, a hare can be used as a motif for a tattoo, but the question of which part of the body is left to everyone.

As a choice for a tattoo motif, the white hare gets the grade +2

For fans of: Johnny Depp, Braveheart, Loki, Mümmelmann, Jerome John “Jerry” Garcia, Till Eulenspiegel

There remains a spicy detail:
The Easter Bunny seems to be a somewhat strange relative of our mythological hare. After all, he always has only one thing in mind. Witnesses what it holds. He was revered as a fertility bearer at Easter. And as a messenger of the Easter egg, in which the new will slip away. In the American prehistory, he is even trusted to have created the universe – such sexual power is supposed to be inherent in him. With this artist on his side (or skin), it is easy to sway and conquer. Attacks, you lovelyhare owners… #durex

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    (HASEN by editor Julian from San Francisco August 2018)