The Aphrodite. The one born from foam. There are many ancient statues of her, both in Greek antiquityand in the Roman Empire. The Romans called her Venus. These days, she is a popular tattoo motif.

She is meant to symbolize eternal love. No wonder her face adorns the arms and hearts of many lovers. Woe to him who leaves the port of the relationship after some time; then the goddess of love turns out to be a relentless reminder of a failed love that takes the couple on the path of aching passions, fear of loss, and maddening love. Forever love! #becarefulwithwhomyoubondtoforever

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and at the same time the goddess of lust. No wonder no man is capable of such a medley. A person concentrates on one of the two attributes, either love or pleasure, only sometimes a little of both. But Aphrodite can add 1 +1, and that makes them feel both. She is in love, she loves, then an affair here and there. Then wants to be the most beautiful again…


It’s not easy for a man with her. H. (not mentioned for privacy reasons, presumably Hephaestus) is at first a “misogynist” until he, the old blacksmith master, takes her as his wife. The liaison is going well at first. However when he catches Aphrodite in bed with Ares, the wild god of war, he jealousy ties the to a net and invites the remaining gods to look at them and laugh. This was only done out of pain.

People themselves never laugh at Aphrodite, on the contrary. The Greeks were so addicted to their goddess of love that they built their temple with statues full of nudity. #partyon

The statue of Aphrodite was the first to depict complete nudity. The beginning of pornographic work. There were rumors of secret back doors in the temples, from which one could approach their revered goddess from “behind”. #lovefrombehind

The fact that the buttocks of the goddess was able to be seen was an incomprehensible sensation for theGreeks. And the Greeks were not otherwise prudish. In terms of their love goddess, they were little insecure mice.


Even initiating a war is not too difficult for Aphrodite. The question of who is the most beautiful in the country started the Trojan War. Here’s how it came about:

Eris, the goddess of discord, was not invited to the wedding of Teleus and Pepis. Eris then threw an apple in the wedding party, saying it was for the most “beautiful.” It goes without saying that Aphroditewas arguing with Athens and Hera over the apple (“apple of contention”). Zeus then determined the man Paris to determine the “most beautiful”. Afterwards Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful ofall human women, Helena. Aphrodite won this beauty contest. #beautiful

Rather stupid that Helena had to be kidnapped and taken to Troy and to Paris. The other Greek tribes did not find this funny and the war began. Troy against the rest of Greece. Aphrodite was on the Trojans’ side. Just because she was having an affair with A. (Ares?).

This is the modern woman who follows her gusto alone. Bravo. Let the men hide in wooden horses andplay war. Aphrodite knows why being human is really possible. No one can get past love, and above allthe longing for it. Not the strongest warrior, the best planner, no a hero. Everyone fails at the smallest question: Do you want to be with me?

However, this concern is rarely crowned with success. When men and women understand each other. For men, this means understanding women and still being sexy. Few men have mastered this art. However, if it works out, it would be fabulous. Then it would be time to dance with Aphrodite, invite her for a glass of wine, be interesting, creative, witty, and male at the same time. Is there such a thing? Idon’t know. #idontknow

Having a woman like Aphrodite on your skin is a symbol for facing the world with passionate love. This mission has only heroes; they deserve all our encouragement.

The grade for Aphrodite as a tattoo motif is therefore the best: 1

For fans of: Lady Gaga, Walther von der Vogelweide, Wonder Woman, Boris Becker