Tattoos have always been a part of human culture. Whether as a tribal tattoo, for affirmation, simply as jewelry or your own individuality. There are so many different reasons for a tattoo. The author of this text has a lot of Hawaiian patterns on his skin – because of surfing. #oceanlover

But let’s move on from the hashtags and answer the question of why get a tattoo and why you’re never too old for it. Most embellishments on the skin often have a history, which is important. Identifying with the engraved motif one gets prevents regrets.

Well – in this case of regrets there would also be the possibility of a cover-up tattoo. The boys and girls of Tattoo Anansi are also really good at this. That’s just a side blurb.

In the meantime, so many people are tattooed that you can’t talk about a trend here anymore. Likewise, the tattoo goes through all social circles. So it’s quite possible that the bank adviser in front of you has ahuge Van Halen tattoo on his back. After all, he is one of the biggest fans of this rock group. #forever

But they are still out there – the pure flawless skinned. With no tramp stamp. Even these people secretly want a motive on their epidermis, which radiates their actual personality.

One of them is my friend and colleague Jonas “J-Rock” Bachmann. Incidentally, this is also the one to whom we owe the beautiful layout for this magazine. J-Rock is not only a graphic artist, but also a gifted musician. When he picks up the electric guitar, the girls get weak. #tinder

At the age of 38 he is still missing one thing – a tattoo. This is about to change. It took a long time for the right motif to cross his path. He struck gold. As a rock’n roller, nothing would fit better than the Rolling Stones.

The pretty heads of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are his choices. But not just anywhere, on his feet. Jonas wants to walk on the shoulders of the Giants. Even which foot for each motif has motivation. Theright foot for Mick, because he has turned the Stones into a cash machine, and the left Keith, the never-aging outlaw.

The idea holds salt, doesn’t it? No matter how old Jonas alias J-Rock will become; he will never forget what kind of music he drew inspiration from. So folks let you tattooed and show the world out there who you are. Speaking of which; I have to call J-Rock now and ask if he’s as big a baby maker as the Rolling Stones. #babyboomer

Text: Alex Leonhard