We all know the fears of whether a tattoo will look good or be completely disfigured after severe weight changes, pregnancy or in old age. Tattoos accompany you for a lifetime and have go along with everything. It is quite clear that this leaves its mark.

First of all, it must be said that all tattoos age differently. It depends individually on motif, color and body part. Especially tattoos that are exposed directly to sunlight or where there is a lot of friction, suchas on the hands, fade faster.

At parts of the body where you notice weight change the most, the tattoos can be distorted, because they logically move with the skin. This particularly affects geometric motifs and realistic portraits.

But does this inevitably mean that your aging tattoos will look worse then a bare canvas?

Certainly not! It can be said, in general, terms that tattooed people tend to look more youthful. The tattoos distract from wrinkles and always provide topics for discussion.

If you take good care of your tattoos, both immediately after the tattooing and in the following year, they are more likely to look good even in old age. To help out, it is recommended to have the tattoos touched up after about 10 years to maintain their beauty. But even that is not absolutely necessary – because nowadays the quality of the colors and equipment are at a very high professional level – as are the skills of the artists.


Skin in old age is definitely different than it was when you were young – but beautiful results are absolutely possible and doable up to old age.

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