Anansi Mimi studio münchen tätowiererin begehrt und gut


With Mimi, a new artist visits us in the Tattoo Studio. Reason enough to have a small interview with her. By the way – Mimi will be a guest of Tattoo Anansi again from February 5th through the 8th 2019. If you are interested, you should act quickly, because Mimi is always highly sought after.

About yourself – how old are you and where is your home base?

Mimi: (laughs) I am 28 years young and come from Hungary. I currently live in Budapest. Before that Iwas In Vienna, where I had already worked.

Since when have you been holding a tattoo gun?

Mimi: Actually not that long, I started three years ago. Since then, it hasn’t let me go. Beautiful tattoos are my passion.

Is it your first time in Munich?

Mimi: No, I’ve been here before, but as a tourist. As an artist, this is my first appearance. However, everyone is super nice here in the studio, which makes it easier for me. Because if you are completely new and leave your base, then you also leave your comfort zone.

This is definitely an adventure, isn’t it? And how is the feedback from customers here?

Mimi: Obviously it’s exciting. But the feedback is great, which makes me extremely happy. Because if you are well received by the people, then it’s just so much fun.

What can customers expect from you, or what is your style?

Mimi: I wouldn’t say I have a specific style. I’m reluctant to throw myself into a drawer. At the momentI’m mainly doing black work. However, I find all styles very interesting. Realism is one of them. I also find mandalas super beautiful. Personally, I wouldn’t say that there is only one thing for me right now. Ilike to draw my inspiration from many things.

What or who inspires you?

Mimi: There are a lot of things. For example, the whole universe of H.R. Giger. His works of art and the way he combines basic instincts with the world of the dead. The surreal world of David Lynch is also incredibly good and one of my favorites. For me, music is also a big part of it that really pushes me. Lately I’ve listening to A Perfect Circle and Puscifer a lot. Both bands were founded by tool singer Maynard James Keenan and have an incredible atmosphere.

How did you get into tattooing?

Mimi: It’s actually a funny story. I arrived relatively late, because my parents wanted the classic way for me. There was an interest in art for me from the beginning. So I studied fine art. After that, I wanted to work in this area as well. So I asked at the House of Modern Arts. They wanted me right away, but they were unable to pay me. However, you cannot live without money. So I needed a job and asked for a manager position in a tattoo studio. Honestly, I didn’t think they would hire me because of I had no experience. But I got the job. When I started working I would watch the tattooists. What I saw I liked so much that I wanted to try it myself. But rather with the ulterior motive to create art itself. ApparentlyI had talent and couldn’t let it go. It was and is incredibly fun. I’m happy to be able to make money withwhat I love. That’s really great.

You can also find Mimi’s work on her Instagram profile – heymimosa

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