Tattoos are a wonderful way to adorn the body, decorate it, and simply immortalize ingenious styles. Important pictures, names and dates are also permanently attached to the body. Evidence of love, a talisman or a sign of friendship are cited by many as motivation.

But are there tattoos with magical additional features? Which are, so to speak, metaphysically hidden behind their apparent effect? Sure, the ancient tradition of tattoos has always been closely linked to magic and spiritual meanings. More than 1500 years ago, tattoo art emerged as spiritual symbolism in the Polynesian Marquesas Islands.


On the other hand, is there a very special occult approach to tattoos, i.e. the belief that certain symbols can influence one’s future? Tattoos that are also committed to the dark forces? If you enter “tattoo” and “occult” on google, a range of websites will appear that ask whether Christians can be tattooed or not. Apparently, Christian dignitaries have a strong fear of losing their place of sovereignty of magical spectacles to those who attribute their tattoos powers to a competing parallel world.

Such fears do not come by chance. Tattoos give their wearer an individual and self-indulgent energy. The Church does not like that. There is a large “scene” that sees more than just body decoration in their tattoos. For some of this group, tattoos explicitly have magical, occult, and/or supernatural abilities. Tattoos that mobilize supernatural forces and give the wearer sheer inexhaustible power.

Some tattooed people want to influence the future favorably for themselves with the power and help of a symbol. Ward off damage or enchant loved one. Such tattoos can do more than just look good. They are changing the world, for better or worse.

Here all the symbols are used that have their tradition in the ancient magical cults, especially from the northern hemisphere, or from Egyptian mythology. The witch cult Wicca is also a very popular playground for secret, magical symbols.

The rune signs are obvious for magical tattoo motifs. They possess an ancient esoteric energy. Runes were seen in all archaic cultures as a medium of magical power and aura.

But there is one crucial problem with tattoos from the runic world. The National Socialists often used Celtic, Germanic, occult symbols, such as the runes, for their repugnant justification of a superior race that should be able to legitimize their seemingly supernatural power. Right-wing extremists may like runes in which you see a connection to revered Germanism, to originality and ethnic ideology. In addition, a departure from the modern world is symbolized and a rejection of Christianity by turning to Germanic esotericism. Of course, not everyone who deals with runes comes from the right. In principle, runes should not be left to those who seek to legitimize and enhance their miserable world view through ancient symbolism. Nevertheless, one should not deal with it lightly and know precisely which runes – now and then – symbolize and what they were used for.


If you do not want to be associated with the right-wing scene movement, you should take a close look at the context in which symbols are interpreted and classified. Especially when they are immortalized on the skin. Otherwise, you end up like the “distinguished” lady who caused a scandal at this year’s tattoo fair in Berlin. On her legs was the pseudo-aryan symbol of the Swastika, which in a slight difficult-to-detect variation (opposite direction of the four ‘hooks’) represents the swastika of the Nazi era, this was originally a divine sun sign from the eastern cultures. Apart from the fact that this too is forbidden, the conclusion is obvious to associate the lady with the right-wing movement. Although she has claimed to have nothing to do with the Nazi movement, and the tattoos were made for purely religious-aesthetic motifs. A nasty aftertaste remains. Open your eyes and ears when choosing your tattoo motif. This warning also applies explicitly to the runic motifs and Celtic symbolism.


You should definitely avoid the Hagal Rune, the Man Rune, the Sig Rune (Hitler’s SS sign), the Odal Rune and many more. Basically, if runes are to be tattooed, please inform yourself thoroughly about themeaning and interpretation beforehand – and not only for political reasons. Furthermore to know what ancient magical potential one can irrevocably write on your body: even those who do not believe in such supernatural power may not necessarily want to “accidentally” walk around with the sign of death and decay on their dearly decorated body.


It makes much more sense to tattoo magical symbols from the Celtic space that are not captured by dubious movements – or meanings – and yet can unfold their supernatural power for the wearer.

There is the Triquetta.

It consists of three interconnected arcs and means “triangular”. Its meaning also goes back to the magical meaning of the number three and symbolizes femininity as well as birth, life and death. In the Celtic symbology, this sign also offers special protection and seclusion. The Triquetta stands for solidarity and unity.

Then there is the Celtic tree of life.

Many Celtic tattoos have the tree of life as their motif. This plays an important role in the mythology ofthe Celts. The tree stands for the connection between heaven and earth. With its branched roots it standsfirmly in the earth, it grows upwards, and with its diverging branches it reaches into the heavenly realm.

The Celtic tree of life represents a future that it can magically lead to happiness. It symbolizes healthy growth and prosperity.

The Celtic Moon.

With his illuminating power he can see behind the superficial appearance of things. He is deeply metaphysical. Having it as a tattoo means having direct access to another level that is deeper and more secretive. That is where real life takes place, and where it has its true purpose. This can be used to positively influence the events in this world: There are many things that speak for the Celtic Moon as a tattoo motif.

Secret tip for all those who are madly in love: the Awen symbol.

This allows you to build the good balance to the opposite sex in a targeted way. That promises good results for both sides. It influences the uniform flow and understanding among lovers. That’s a noble goal, isn’t it? The right beam symbolizes the male forces, the left the female and the middle beam is the symbol of balance. The male beam is also referred to as the “E”, the female beam as the “O” and the balancing beam is the “Ah”.

Those are good prospects for the future. If at least the sounds “Ah” and “Oh” come up between the sexes, and not too short, “ecstasy” is provided. And that is always better than supporting tendentious worldviews, even if only out of naivety, which unfortunately quickly becomes dangerous stupidity in this context.

Finally, it must be noted that there are countless magical motifs that can be used as a tattoo motifs. They cannot all be represented at this point, but we will present some of them here. It is important to recognize, especially for Nordic motifs, that an intensive examination is needed so that the symbol cannot be used for an unintentional and negative interpretation.