Superhero. Available everywhere. Omnipresent in the minds of big city hipsters.

One of its inventors, Stan Lee, has recently passed away. Social media fans everywhere post obituaries on him. OK then. Superheroes have arrived in the middle of society, and their creators are right with them. That’s respect.

Many superheros are shown using tattoos. Like Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Women etc. If someonewants to tattoo a superhero, they should first deal with their special characteristics. Batman is not superman; Wonder Woman doesn’t equal Robin.

Stan Lee in particular has created a very special type of superhero. These superheroes are especially recommended for “tattooists”. Because his heroes are very real. No radiant all-rounders. If you want a superhero who will stay on your body forever, then he should have depth; and tell about real life. Stan Lee’s heroes aren’t all that great in their everyday lives. They have many problems. His heroes do not wear their costumes all the time, their superpowers often prove to be a major obstacle. Stan Lee’s superheroes are human, all too human. Lee gave them a state of mind that the reader can emotionally follow. This is what makes Stan Lee’s heroes so interesting, also for a tattoo motifs.

Which heroes did Stan Lees create? First of all, the well-known “Fantastic Four” should be mentioned. Their appearance marks the beginning of the Marvel Age of Comic. During this creative period the “fantastic four” were joined by famous characters such as the “Incredible Hulk”. A scientist who, through a radioactive fallout, becomes this huge, green-skinned and immensely strong being in order todefend himself. Jekyll and Hyde. Ambivalent and unpredictable, even for the protagonist. The scientist has to deal with his superpowers for a lifetime; especially since he struggles with them.

The Incredible Hulk, tattooed by Tattoo Anansi.

Extremely popular, precisely because of his ambivalent, existentially troubled soul, including Peter Parker, who was bullied at school and is always in trouble with his adored loved ones. His second ego: Spiderman. When the fearful nerd is bitten by a spider, he gains the superpowers of a spider. Unfortunately, these powers don’t help him when it comes to conquering a woman.

Likewise the blind Daredevil, or Dr. Strange, who can no longer use his hands due to a serious accident. These heroes are exciting. Superman, on the other hand, looks like abusy parodywith little depth. For superhero tattoo motifs, you should inform yourself about the hero and to discuss it. What message does my hero convey, what conflicts does he have to contend with? What does this mean for me, where are there parallels… only then can you choose the hero with whom you will share your life.

A few days ago we created a tattoo of Captain America in the Anansi Studio.

Captain America, tattooed by Tattoo Anansi.

This superhero character was created by the cartoonists Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. He was the first superhero character to be co-wrote by the young Stanley Lieber, aka Stan Lee. With an outfit reminiscent of the American national flag (and a sign in his hand), the superhero went into battle against Hitler before the outbreak of World War II.

A side blurb: In all the film adaptations, Stan Lee appears in a small supporting role. This is called a Cameo role. Stan Lee, for example, appeared in “Spiderman” as a festival-goer. With the X-Men as a hot dog seller. How about a “cameo” on the skin? Who gets Stan Lee himself tattooed on the skin? The forerunner: in the superhero saga, with all its peculiarities and its bizarre nature.

Text: Julian Bachmann

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