SEX, ROCK’N’ ROLL and TATTOOS everywhere you look. The Folsom Street Fair is a playground for body culture. Everywhere people present their bodies and the decorations on and in them! Tattoos, implants, leather, chains, collars and much more! And, of course, the Adams costume – perhaps a little too often represented. There is a very pleasant self-confidence everywhere. A very nice and sunny day today at the Folsom Street Fair 2018. Folsom Street in San Francisco turns into a street party once a year in September for Bdsm-mad people, fetishists and fans of the unconventional. See and be seen – and all very peacefully. Probably the only place in America that represents such equality in the population. All nations are represented, all sexual orientations and all income classes. The main thing isto understand one another, to love one another, and to communicate on a common level – one of pleasure. Everyone according to his preferences. Celebrating, dancing and meeting all sorts of different lifestyle preferences in such a relaxed atmosphere. An atmosphere I have very seldom experienced.


Most of the Folsom Street Fair attendees are tattooed. Tattoos on the body: they are often at the beginning of a life story that wants to shape itself – whether as transgender, heterosexual or homosexual, or whatever. In America, which is still prudish, this “message” is needed.

Here no one wants to be told how to live and love.

I read on the butt of a participant:

“Be who you are and say what you feel.
Because those who mind, don’t matter,
and those who matter, don’t mind.”

In the most extreme form, this means that a human being presents himself as a dog, a horse or a lizard, and means that very seriously. The lizard man has tattooed his entire skin with scales. He notices my gaze and waves to me.

Or in the dog area. This is where all those who like to experience themselves as dogs meet. There is a playground where the dog owners and ladies can let their game instinct run free. You can hear barking from every corner. It amuses me, because I have seen a lot – a dog people’s playground was a new one for me.

Suum cuique – everyone’s own. Only one thing is important: respect!

Respect for those who have nothing to do with such matters, the minors. Therefore, the Folsom Street Fair is also a fenced area with a tightly guarded entrance.

Also respect among adults. A very nice young lady draws attention to this with a sign: Ask first! Everything is allowed, but with mutual consent. At the begins is the ASKING. Is an approach even wanted, even if only asking to take a photograph.

If you really get involved in the whole game of the Folsom Street Fair, the KINK community will meet you as a very interesting field of experimentation. One which you can always have one experience or another – on a large scale as well as a small scale.

Text: Julian Bachmann