The New Year has begun, and we are again packed with intentions, visions and self-optimization. With the champagne glass in your hand and a little tipsy, you announce your New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve. Well, the new year is already a few days old – what does the first interim report say? Do we still regularly jog twice a week? Can we endure without the habitual cigarette? Is fasting still easy, do we cycle instead of car to go shopping? All the good intentions are certainly justified – but doesn’t it allstart with the crux that the resolutions are subject to a certain durability, that they can only be sustained in a limited time frame? That the memory of the “good idea” fades and evaporates by the end of the month at the latest?

According to a psychological study, only 8 percent of all those who set new goals on New Year’s Day achieve a reasonably continuous and useful implementation of their ideas.

Why is that? A good reason why resolutions on New Year’s Eve fail is that the objectives set here are taken out of a negative attitude. The resolutions are intended to enhance what is considered to be deficient and inadequate in itself. And now improvements are being vowed. It would have to be jogging, then I would be such a much better person. When I give up chocolate altogether – only then comes my dream figure. Goals that arise out of the feeling that I am not good enough or cannot keep upare doomed to failure in the first place! Because they arise from areas we see ourselves lacking in. Self-optimization without heartfelt self-consideration and understanding of one’s own abilities and individual personality does not work. If I want to change something, I need to know my why! Needing a really existential reasons, impressive pictures and memories!

This is where the tattoo comes in. When it comes to tattooing, we have the situation where we want to make a lasting change in our appearances with a motif, symbol, an aesthetic expression or an image. This change remains. It can also serve as a reminder of a particularly intense moment in life, whether isbe painful and joyful. In this way we can always remember something that has filled life with meaning.Before a tattoo occurs, there is always a conversation about how and why a tattoo should be done. We at “Tattoo Anansi” often feel a tattoo should be a symbol for a new beginning.

This could then, for example, be represent as a butterfly motif, because as we know the caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly.

Or do you want to walk, through life, more courageously from now on? Then this Spanish expression ismade for you. “Sin miedo” which means “without fear”.

No matter what the tattoo ends up being, it will definitely remind you of your most important goals for a lifetime.

Tattoos can also be a sign of an end to a relationship, so that a new beginning becomes possible. SelenaGomez, for example, manifested the end of her relationship with Justin Bieber in a tattoo. A new phase of life was engraved here. “Love yourself first,” it says under her armpit. This was an announcement for a new chapter in life – without Justin Bieber.

The topic of tattoos and new beginnings can also be viewed from a completely different perspective. Think about how often a tattoo is used to visually alter scars and other injuries so that the supposed traumas shine in a new, more positive light. Scar-covering tattoos can generally be of great help to people who suffer from disfiguring scars or who are reminded of traumatic experiences by their scars. These include, for example, burn scars, scars from accidents, scars due to violence, incised scars, surgical scars of all kinds, such as after a cesarean section, but also annoying stretch marks. A tattoo can work wonders here – and a fresh start.

Let’s be clear: If you want a new beginning in your life, think carefully about how you want to implement it. What reminds you why you want a fresh start. Something to help you stick to your new resolutions. A symbol that represents your new life challenge. Here, a tattoo can create a lasting impression – and always provide motivation to implement the vision of your life. Get stung – and stay on your own path.

Text: Julian Bachmann