Tattoos and Sadness


Autumn has come to life these days. It is hardly noticeable, but here and there it is leaving its mark. Summer will soon be over. The days are getting darker earlier, and people are starting to expierence the feeling of melancholy, a feeling they have long since forgotten.

Melancholy is nowhere near as devastating as its reputation depicts. Yes, it makes you feel a little sad, but can’t a little sadness also be a nice feeling? Sadness is a feeling that provides the groundwork from which things can grow. Longing is the sister of melancholy. In general, melancholy is a very strong feeling. Internally it feels very intense. Even though melancholy is a type of sadness, it holds great principles. This can be perfectly portrayed in a vast array of images:

as a tattoo on the skin.

How is sadness portrayed on the skin? Are there any special tattoos representing sadness?

The famous tear is such a motif. River Styx, the river to the underworld, symbolizes the ephemeral inlife. Since the tear has been used by gangsters representing the act of taking a life, the tear has become somewhat dubious as motif for melancholy. Especially on the face. There are many other images that express sadness, meanwhile exuding liveliness. Images that are not happy, angry or impulsive; and yet contain deep metions. A lonley face for example, but one that reminds you that loneliness is a fundamental experience in life.

Nobody is more sensitive and open to the charms of things that disappear again indefensibly, than melancholy people.

Sadness is an emotional experience that allows us to appriciate what happiness really is. Allowing us, when we are ready, to again receive and live out joy, enthusiasm and passion. The emotions of melancholy have a certain beauty in them.

How would you express sadness? Which tattoo motif would you choose for a melancholy statement?

Maybe something rich in contrast: black and white, or black on skin? For example; a faded photo from old times that reminds you of your childhood.

Being tattooed in blackwork style.

There are many possibilies.

A good example of melancholy are childhood memories. Often such memories are associated with grief; referring to a carefree time in your life that is now over and gone. Nevertheless, childhood feeds and strengthens the urge to grow and start new things. To take one’s life in hand and starting anew. To rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Overcoming grief from the old, gives the power to rise anew. This may also be useful in expressing sadness, especially as a tattoo. The spark and breath in the motif that drives you to want a new life.

The Anansi Chronicles will soon be back in a new look and kinky new themes. Let yourself be surprised.