Out into the big wide world – this may be for some Bali and for the other South America. For some of us, Lower Bavaria can also offer new impressions and an “exotic” population. It is crucial that you get on the road, out of the well-known realms and the everyday tasks and worries. “Finding yourself again”is a motto that is characteristic of all long journeys.

If you want to manifest this feeling of awakening, it is a good idea to capture the journey symbolically,preferably with a new tattoo. Traveling offers impressions and insights. Look at the world from a new perspective. Getting to know oneself anew, facing extreme situations, finding your way back to life force – all of this can be travel. Tattoos can now represent what you learned on your journey, what you stand for and what you believe in. You can depict a mantra, a motto or an inspiration.

The “new” tattoo can express how you rediscovered yourself in an “unexploited” environment; or it justremains a reminder of a cool time.

In both actions, it is important to remember not to let impulsive tattoos be tattooed on your skin. A new world can confuse the senses. Full of euphoria and the obligatory “couple” beers, many confusions and false expectations have already been found on the skin. The temperatures can get the hormones going, your temperament becomes more spontaneous. July and August are the midsummer months that are most likely to tempt Germans to do something crazy. The result is a rapid increase in tattooed “ass antlers”, souvenirs from the holiday regions; which are then to be examined everywhere in the supermarket queue.The size of the tattooed motif is often misjudged in the holiday euphoria, the tattooed spider webs then stretch over the whole body, instead of, as would have been better for oneself later, only over the small ankle. In any case, back home, there is great remorse.Vacation love is also responsible for a trend of awkward tattoo choices. Then the name of the part-time love is found, for example in Cyrillic on the upper arm. If the relationship is then on ice at home, or if itcannot be maintained over the distance, the tattoo remains the only connection; and that has to go awayat some point.

There are also very practical things to consider when you are on vacation when tattooing. Does the tattoo studio abroad work according to health standards? What about hygiene? Are all materials disinfected? And, and, and. There is a case that, with improper treatment in a tattoo studio without confidence, inflammation develops, which can lead to an amputation of the corresponding limb. So: Especially in the case of a trip into unknown terrain, it is important to always inform yourself well about the tattoo studio.

One thing is very important: avoid the sun with a freshly tattooed skin.A tattoo injures the skin. A fresh tattoo behaves like a wound. What you should know first of all: There is no longer any natural body UV protection on this skin for some time. The fresh injury is at the mercyof the sun’s rays. After just 2 minutes of sunlight, burns can develop and become a full-blown sunburn. In addition, the tattoo can become blurred, in the worst case scarring. Therefore, after the tattoo has been done, a trip to the beach is a thing of the past. The tattoo should not expose to the direct sun for at least 6-8 weeks. Due to dangerous ingredients, no sunscreen should be used during this time. Such a sun stop can ruin an entire vacation. So WHEN you get your tattoo should be carefully planned.

Suggestion: Of course, it shouldn’t miss out on immortalizing his unique vacation with souvenirs. The “incisive” character of tattoos is almost obvious here. You carry your vacation and your intense experiences with you forever. In busy everyday life, one is reminded of what you are doing the whole thing for: for the next trip, to be able to experience a lot of “first times”, and to keep a fresh perspective.

Travelers are collectors. They collect stamps, blog their experiences, and think about travel tattoos. But what speaks against choosing the tattoo motif during the trip, to sleep on it several times, and thus to make an optimal decision, and then to get the tattoo at home in the tattoo studio that you can trust. The size and location of the tattoo should also be carefully considered. A good balance is everything.This is how the vacation continues even after its end. The stories of the tattoos are brought to life, each one tells its story at home, proclaiming adventure and fairy tales, his personal journey, self-confidence and self-discovery.Travel tattoos are special medals on the body of those whose heart beat for travel.

Tattoo by “Tattoo Anansi”

(Text: Julian Bachmann)