Tattoos have the image of being “youthful,” “cool” and “trendy.” That may also be true, since they do represent a certain radicalism. But not only. Nowadays age no longer means standing far away from themodern zeitgeist – that is, to appear aloof and wise in relation to things. Old people suddenly say “fuck”, “horny” and “turn off”, while “the youth” haven’t said that for a long time. Today one can no longer separate between “young and old”, but rather in “interested in trends, in artistic and social currents, in one’s environment, and its own impact)”, or “disinterested”. That’s why there are more and more people today: the damn cool older people, whether male or female.

Some Grannys are cooler than others.

For them it is very possible to get a tattoo. Tattoos are a passion, a form of culture and way of life that you choose and stand for your whole life, no matter what others say.

It’s great when you stand by your actions in life. Also regarding your tattoos. For they are testimonies of a very specific phase of life, for which one does not have to be ashamed later on. Everything changes. Even yourself. But everyone has their own personal story. To show yourself in public at a laterage with his tattoos, to stand by you, that’s cool. Not to hide them as a “youthful” mishap. Tattoos can be shown even if they seemed appropriate a long time ago, but could be dismissed as crazy years later; like a sailor’s anchor, a mermaid or, in extreme cases, the face of his loved ones, which has now passed away. Youth sins – I’m not hiding anything. This is a healthy feeling of self-worth. However, one should avoid tattoos of extreme worldviews not only in terms of getting older.

Or you can still opt for a completely new tattoo in old age. Even if in the decades prior, something like that, was never an option. Change brings new wind to life.

But one thing should be clarified first – how does a tattoo relate to skin that changes with age. The aging process of the skin behaves differently for each person.

The condition of the skin depends on many factors: Diet, regular exercise and the general lifestyle are the main influences for the skin. Moisture is the essential for the skin. Lack of it makes the skin leather,prone to pigmentation disorders and moles. With good skin care and possibly also internal intake of coenzyme Q10, the youth “elixir”, the worst can be prevented. Basically, however, the tattoos only blur a little in old age. A good tattooist is worth gold, because the motif must be pierced very carefully under the skin.

Tips on how to get keep tattoos well:

  1. Use a lot of sunscreen in the sun; and yes, with a high sun protection factor (SPF)
  2. Larger tattoos tend to blur less
  3. A good tattoo has a price. Don’t skimp on quality
  4. Avoid weight fluctuations
  5. Never neglect the initial care with a new tattoo (when washing and applying lotion, wrap with transparent foil so that it does not rub against clothes).

Regular grooving also has a positive effect on quality.

You’re Never Too Old for a Tattoo

Older people with tattoos stand out. There are even extra illustrated books and art projects about them. Also in the city center they are more and more often eye-catchers and whispering themes. This is exactly what we, as well as the older people want. Rightly so. They want and should get out of the role that puts them on the sidelines of an exaggerated youth cult that looks neither left nor right. Some don’t get their first tattoo until they’re 80. Since tattoos always tell personal stories, tattoos are particularly interesting in older people.

In old age, tattooing can be done with a certain value. It’s a chance to take your time deciding on a tattoo. So that on is sure that the tattoo is really wanted.

The stories that are in the tattoos often have a lot of relevance in old age. One has to deal with the transience of life and the body, with the experiences that accumulate in a life, with all its conflicts, and their coping. For example, an elderly lady has had a swan tattooed in memory of her late husband. Symbols for failed marriages or similarly decisive life events, are also popular.

An advantage of a tattoo in old age is that if the forgetfulness increases, a tattoo in the right place can remind the owner of essential things. Which drinks do I actually prefer? What are the hot nurses’ first names? These things will become damn important at some point. The radical opinion is that you have to make something out of your skin after death, because the artistic value of a tattoo should be preserved. But that probably belongs more in the creepy cabinet.

“Old Man Watching Over the New Age”