The Journey Inside



Here we go again – Corona is everywhere. It’s getting colder outside and the number of cases are rising. Getting on and off the train to the north, south, east or west is no longer an easy journey. Previously, we tattooed the compass on our skin; as a sign for navigating through life, as well as for our longing for peculiar experiences, strange skin, exotic cities and beaches.

Tattoo by Tattoo Anansi (Lazlo)

Is that all over now? Hopefully not! Now we face the question; how do we live out our lust for adventure while we wait for this pandemic to be over? Stop the wanderlust? The lust of the flesh must wait, not just in the erotic sense of the word. There is a ray of light and we find this light within ourselves. Nothing and nobody can stop this journey; neither viruses nor governments. The inner journey is a mystical journey that introduces you to the archetypes within you. Archetypes are the images of the experiences you encounter in life. On your journey inwards you will find pictures that are ideal for tattoo motifs. These pictures are very personal impressions of your soul world. Hero characters, magicians and sweet seductions such as elves and sirens can do that. Anything is possible. Reality is split, and illusions are suddenly truer than any postcard.

Valerie (20 Jahre, Berlin): “Each reality is based on an illusion”


Sure, you think of drugs now. First of all I am not a fan of unreflective experiments, especially when it comes to mind and body. A lot of experience, respect for nature and the ability to travel are required at this point. Scout virtues are also needed for the journey inwards:
“A Boy Scout is pure in thoughts, words and deeds.” (rule number 10)
A clear attitude is necessary for traveling and “breaking new ground”; trips are to be enjoyed with extreme caution. Drugs or substances that have a psychoactive effect are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they enable entry to the gates of the new perception, as Aldous Huxley put it. On the other hand, in his book “Brave New World”, the same author sketches a world in which individual citizens are controlled and deindividualized by drugs. Psychoactive substances have both potentials in them – therefore: be very careful with the journey into your own inner world. A clear mind is necessary. Perhaps not all Boy Scout virtues have to be used. This canbe disposed of:
“A scout follows the instructions of his parents, his cornet or scout leader without question.” (rule number 7)
On the journey inward, it is important to free yourself from convictions – neither the dictation of drugs nor parents is helpful here.


How can I appropriately start my journey into my inner world of images. There are also “healthy” ways of doing research on perception. From meditation, breathing techniques, dreams to microdosing, there are many options. Microdosing means using a very small dose of a hallucinogenic drug, which provides a psychedelic experience with no side effects. I was able to personally test The Lucia No. 3 Alternator, which uses flickering lights to create effects in the perception apparatus that expand explosively inside the brain.

Tattoo Anansi München Artist James realism Realismus color shell Muschel underwater Unterwasser
Tattoo by Tattoo Anansi

These can also be pictures that you have never seen before. To a certain extent, they reveal themselves behind the eyes. I was able to make many impressions from this trip, from red jumping horses to blue balls, black dancers and many related emotions. I saved the best for last: “The advantage over chemical substances is that you can switch off the lamp if you feel unwell – and everything is over immediately,” says Raf Buchner in the magazine “Spiegel”. He is a professor at the Munich University of Applied Sciences. Ralf Buchner made it possible for us to try out the alternator. (Link: here)

I can personally recommend this train ride. I am able to tattoo the pictures from this trip on my skin as souvenirs. As well as with a trip to a foreign county, the journey into the interior I absorbed visual impressions that I will definitely remember. This has also helped me spiritually and open new horizons. Such trips are an alternative that is worthwhile during these travel-restricted times. It definitely does not get boring. I can have new experiences within my four walls and tell of these experiences with my tattoos.

Magic Train by Jonas Bachmann
Magic Train by Jonas Bachmann

(Text: Julian Bachmann / Illustration: Jonas Bachmann)