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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? To provide clarity, we are neither anti-vaccination nor advocates (whoever is behind it whether it is good or not). We just want to do our job again and do it responsibly. The first approval for the vaccine is in the UK and it is probably just a matter of time until it starts here.So the big question for the next few weeks and months is before us. Of course, vaccination is not a dutyat all, but access to real life will not be granted to you without the vaccination. So yes. What that meansto us, is to be able to work sooner – however the government has not released a proper timetable for thenew openings at this time. At Tattoo Anansi, we always have our vaccination passports at hand because protecting our employees and customers is a priority. What would really interest us: after the first risk groups that logically take precedence, restaurants and tattoo studios will immediately get the vaccine – after all, they had to close now because of the high “risk and danger”. We are still very unsure what willhappen– and we have a slight queasy feeling. Although maybe many people have this feeling…