People – now we all have to be strong, because the avocado is strictly speaking not vegan. What the fuck, right?! At least that’s the claim…

A claim made by the BBC science program called “QI”. They say this because of the high demand and the subsequent high production of avocados, unnatural beekeeping occurs.

Now that we have digested the shock with chia seed-infused water, we now have a little more useless knowledge, and we can move onto a more important topic. #yourewelcome

How vegan are tattoos really?

Especially when it comes to colors. Here is some reassuring news, tattoo colors are generally free of heavy substances. The word “general” should be used with caution.

However, the fact that we are now somewhat protected is due to a 2009 regulation, designed to protect consumers from toxic or harmful substances. These include phenol, nitrosamines, as well as other heavy metals or aromatic amines.

In the meantime, there are also more and more vegan tattoo studios. It has to be said that many good shops like to work without bad colors and lack of hygiene.

After all, a recommendation and a loyal customer pays off more in the end than a fast buck. However, not only the color is an issue when it comes to the vegan mindset. Animal byproducts can be found hidden everywhere in products, or animals were used for testing purposes. Example: The shaver, or the cream used for healing the freshly pierced tattoo.

Here too you can find products that are completely free of animal ingredients, or that do not involve animal testing.

Every good tattoo shop will be happy to give you more information about this. #askingisfree

However, don’t panic now and just look for vegan tattoo shops. Because, regardless if it is vegan shop, what the point if the artist isn’t talented? The author himself has over 15 tattoos from all over the world and he is fine, simply because he has made sure that the studios are clean and the artists know what they are doing.

Nevertheless, he understands and admires vegans and is now enjoying an avocado. #badass